Giles Harrison-Conwill is the creator of Ethnolust. He is a Cultural Anthropologist who is always seeking new ways to examine the human experience. He realizes that there are plenty of details that he will overlook in this process, so your participation is welcome. Of course, learning about people is exciting, but it doesn’t beat meeting a real person.

He believes that anthropology is an adventure, and he states this with conviction.  Anthropological theory provides powerful analytical tools to make sense of the world, precisely because it is so flexible.  One can anthropologize while cooking, dancing, singing, programming, and anything else you can imagine.  The most important requirement is curiosity.  We can learn the rest as we go.

  • What’s this all about?

    Ethnolust is, in simplest terms, a love of people. Ethno comes from the Greek, "ethnos," meaning a people or nation. This site is meant to provide a forum for ethnology for anyone interested in discussing the beliefs and behaviors that make us who we are.

    In short, we're here to explore the human experience.

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